Kevin Byrnes


Kevin Byrnes is a member of the Human Potential Consultants Inc. (HPCI) team and is a designated Child Abuse and Sexual Assault investigator for York Regional Police.

As a member of the Human Potential Consultants Inc. (HPCI) team Kevin has trained a variety of Investigators including Federal Association of Security Officers, Police Officers, Security Supervisors, various University police and security as well as teaching on the Police Foundations course at Centennial College in Toronto.

He has been a police officer for more than 30 years. Currently, he is assigned to Child Abuse Unit. He has worked as an investigator in the Drug, Sexual Assault and Homicide Units as well as the general investigative office.

As part of his function, Kevin is called upon to review written or video taped statements to give an opinion on the truthfulness and to advise investigators on what issues might be sensitive to the subject.

As a sexual assault investigator, he has worked in 3 separate projects focusing on serial sex offenders. He has interviewed sexual assault victims and offenders.

He developed and delivered training for a wide variety of investigators since 2003 on: drug and sexual assault investigation, Interviewing Skills for Investigators and Courtroom Testimony.

He has completed numerous courses in investigation, interviewing and detecting deception including the Reid Technique and Scientific Content Analysis courses.

He continues independent study in the areas of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) and Psychology. His main work interests are Criminal Investigations, Interviews and Courtroom Testimony.