Managers and supervisors today find themselves responsible for hiring, promotional decisions and downsizing having a crucial and long term impact on their organization. Hiring and promoting the wrong person can be extremely expensive; hard costs such as severance, and litigation as well as soft costs like loss of productivity, decreased morale and poor quality control all take away from the bottom line.

For Whom…

Any manager or supervisor who wants to improve their hiring, promotional and downsizing skills and bring their confidence up to the next level.

Workshop Benefits…

This workshop will bridge skills gap for those who are called upon to perform the duties of hiring and promoting employees. Using our intuitive, methodical, hands-on techniques, you will learn to:

Quickly and easily make the Human Connection by:

  • Managing state, expectations & self-fulfilling prophecies,
  • Instantly establishing rapport & trust with the candidate,
  • Maintaining the flow of information from candidate to interviewer through active listening,
  • Skilfully & confidently asking hard questions,
  • Detecting reluctance, resistance & deception,
  • Taking notes effectively while maintaining the flow of the interview and rapport with the candidate,
  • Respecting Human Rights principles & legislation,
  • Developing core competencies from the organization’s mission statement, leadership culture, philosophy and definition of success,
  • Practising the formulation of behaviour event questions to demonstrate required competencies; what to ask and how to anticipate response scores,
  • Learning how to conduct the behaviour event interview and develop a questioning strategy,
  • Evaluating the candidate’s skills, knowledge and abilities,
  • Establishing criteria for education, experiences, success & failures; and how to evaluate them,
  • Adopting a methodology for conducting a sound analysis of the tasks performed in a position and the technical skills required to perform them, and
  • Identifying the technical skills and performance gaps.