Customized Workshops

Discover our Strategic Interview Skills Workshop.

We customize our workshops precisely to the needs of participants and adapt to their function, experience and present interview challenges.

Regardless of the type of interview or the experience level, all participants will self-evaluate, help adapt the learning experience prior to the workshop, agree as a group on the priority of outcomes, learn through experience, and practise the skills.

Our diverse team of interview experts have developed specialized streams for all levels of interviewers:

  • Investigators;
  • Intelligence specialists;
  • Auditors and evaluators;
  • Security officers;
  • Human resource professionals (hiring, administrative investigations, exit interviews, etc.);
  • Managers (coaching, corrective feedback, counselling, discipline, etc.);
  • Individuals for the hiring interview or promotional board.

Customized Workshops of Strategic Interview Skills

Our workshops are adapted to the specific needs of your investigators, auditors, security officers, forensic accountants, managers, HR professionals or other interviewers.


We determine the special circumstances and needs impacting your interviews, interviewers, and interviewees.


A training program is designed to meet those needs: professional development, application in real interviews, and integration into the culture of investigators.


Workshops and other suggested learning modules are delivered by our expert facilitators and/or your inhouse experts.


Follow-up can include coaching, training your coaches, or learning modules.