Harassment Complaints Professionals

Interview Skills for Harassment Complaints Professionals

Harassment complaints professionals have an important role to play in:

  • fostering a respectful workplace through the prevention and prompt resolution of harassment;
  • increasing awareness and understanding of work place harassment;
  • understanding of how they can help to prevent it;
  • building confidence in dealing with harassment situations, if they occur;
  • creating a healthier work environment;
  • improving morale and productivity; and
  • creating a team of committed and energized employees.

Therefore, our training will explore:

The definition of harassment

  • What is the difference between harassment and conflict
  • What generally constitutes harassment?
  • What may or not constitute harassment?
  • What are contributing factors/barriers to reporting harassment?

Responsibilities, obligations and liabilities

  • Organizational policy on harassment prevention;
  • Mechanisms, processes, approaches (formal and informal) to harassment complaints;
  • Rights and responsibilities of employees and managers;
  • Rights of the victim and alleged harasser.