Carol Laurence

Ms. Laurence is the Vice-President and co-owner of Human Potential Consultants Inc. (HPCI), and has more than 26 years of experience in administration, management, supervision, and training, facilitation and coaching.

When in government, she worked for Treasury Board (TB), Office of the Comptroller General (OCG), Department of Finance (FIN), Public Safety Canada (PSC) and National Capital Commission (NCC). She occupied the positions of supervisor, manager, Director and Acting Director General.

Carol has extensive practical experience in both the private and public sectors which provides her with a clear window into the real world challenges faced by clients.

She provides approximately 100 sessions a year. Group size varies from a few individuals to 660 participants.

She is an expert in designing and delivering group discussions, conferences, retreats, meetings, consultations, and sessions. She has personally developed and facilitated many sessions on such topics as:

Train the trainer; Mission, vision and values (sense of direction);
Presentation skills; brain-based learning; Generations;
Influence and political mapping; Customer/client service;
Leading change, living change, thriving with change, change management, leading/managing the transition; Communication and conflict management/ resolution;
Managing projects; Problem-solving and decision-making;
Team building (personality styles); Managing performance, discipline, coaching, counselling;
Stress, time and priority management; managing chaos; Management/leadership skills;
Strategic action planning; Dealing with difficult people/conversations;

Here is a partial list of her clients:

  • Department of National Defence;
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP);
  • Ottawa Police;
  • Sûreté du Québec (SQ);
  • Public Safety;
  • Global Affairs Canada (GAC);
  • Communication Security Establishment (CSE);
  • Transportation Safety Board (TSB);
  • Office of the Auditor General (OAG);
  • Justice Canada;
  • The Senate;
  • Transport Canada (TC), etc.

Carol brings a proven track record in facilitating small and large groups. Her facilitated approach mobilizes the contribution and passion of all. She provides customized facilitation services in order to improve performance, support organizational changes, commitment, and get results. She partners with clients and stakeholders (organizers, decision-makers, the teams)

She provides a participative environment in order to build trust, non-judgment, honesty, enjoyment and teamwork. She has facilitated sessions with executives; administrative, technical/operational personnel, auditors, lawyers, judges, police officers, strategic analysts, trainers, teachers, military personnel, investigators, intelligence officers, etc.

Her delivery style is one, which encourages participatory and practical approaches. She simplifies complicated material and makes them useful and pertinent.

Carol is fully bilingual in French and in English. She has delivered training in Australia, China, Peru, Argentina, USA, and Canada (all provinces and territories).